Another acquisition for Dynamics CRM by Microsoft

Now Microsoft has added NetBreeze to it's collection of companies that provide new features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. According to Microsoft's Bob Stutz, NetBreeze is an acquisition in the social listening and analytics space.

A few months ago Microsoft acquired Marketing Pilot to provide enhanced marketing capabilities. For the moment, Marketing Pilot works as a stanadlone product but there are plans to integrate it with the CRM application.

Yammer, on the other hand, also acquired by Microsoft to provide social networking features, has been integrated with the CRM application (for OnLine customers only.

Prices can change on fulfilled orders

I recently discovered that prices on fulfilled orders (which are read-only) can change. This happens when merging accounts (or contacts) that have associated orders. When an order is transferred from one of the accounts involved in a merge to the account that will be kept, the order prices are updated with the current price in the product catalog (unless locked pricing is used). I describe this in more detail at

Update to Polaris Release for CRM Online

26th Feb 2013 - Microsoft has announced an update to the December 2012 Service update for CRM online that includes a mobile experience for users running Safari on an Apple iPad and integration with enterprise Yammer accounts.

Cross Browser Support

Cross-browser support is added in Polaris and Update Rollup 12 for certain versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari as described in this article

A specific Ipad client is not planned for the Polaris release though it is planned for a release later this year.

See my KB article for more information.